The 5 Best EDC Flashlights Under $100 for 2024 – Bright, Compact, and Affordable

When it comes to your everyday carry (EDC) flashlight needs, you'll want to find the perfect balance of brightness, durability, and affordability. Luckily, the market is packed with impressive options that won't break the bank. From compact powerhouses to multicolor lights, the top 5 EDC flashlights under $100 for 2024 offer versatility and performance that just might surprise you. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned flashlight enthusiast, these picks are sure to illuminate your everyday adventures in ways you've never experienced before.

APLOS L02 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Mini EDC Flashlight

For those seeking a high-performance, compact EDC flashlight within a tight budget, the APLOS L02 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Mini EDC Flashlight delivers impressive features at an affordable price point.

This pocket-sized powerhouse boasts an impressive 1000 lumens of brightness, with a beam distance of up to 328 feet. Beyond its impressive output, the APLOS L02 offers versatility with 5 brightness levels, a 365nm UV light, and multicolor light sources, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

The compact and durable design, featuring a magnetic base for hands-free use, is complemented by a beeping alarm function for emergencies.

With its rechargeable battery and included USB-C cable, the APLOS L02 provides reliable performance without breaking the bank, making it a compelling option for those in the market for an affordable, high-quality EDC flashlight.

Best For: The APLOS L02 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Mini EDC Flashlight is best for those seeking a high-performance, compact, and affordable EDC flashlight with versatile features.


  • Impressive 1000 lumens of brightness with a 328ft beam distance
  • Versatile with 5 brightness levels, UV light, and multicolor light sources
  • Compact and durable design with a magnetic base for hands-free use


  • Limited information on battery life and charging time
  • No water resistance rating provided
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty or professional applications

LETMY Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack)

The LETMY Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack) makes for an everyday-carry budget-friendly choice, boasting a super-bright 300-lumen LED, compact design, and reliable waterproof construction.

With its adjustable beam and zoomable focus, this mini flashlight provides versatility for various tasks, whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply navigating dark areas.

The high-quality aluminum alloy and steel build ensures military-grade durability, while the anti-abrasive and drop-resistant features add to its ruggedness.

Customers rave about the flashlight's brightness, compact size, and convenient belt clip for easy carrying.

At an affordable price for a 2-pack, the LETMY Tactical Flashlight is an excellent value proposition, offering reliable performance and suitable for occasional use or as a backup.

Its compact size and satisfactory battery life make it a recommended choice for everyday carry or outdoor activities.

Best For: The LETMY Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack) is best for those seeking a budget-friendly, compact, and versatile flashlight for everyday carry, outdoor activities, and occasional use.


  • Compact and portable design for easy carrying
  • Bright 300-lumen LED with adjustable beam and zoomable focus
  • Affordable price point for a 2-pack of high-quality flashlights


  • Potential concerns about the extent of waterproofing
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty or rugged tasks
  • Build quality may not be as durable as more premium flashlights

Brinyte A01 LED Rechargeable 100 Lumens Signal Light

With its versatile 4-color-in-1 modes, compact design, and rechargeable battery, the Brinyte A01 LED Rechargeable 100 Lumens Signal Light is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and multi-functional EDC flashlight under $100.

The rotary switch makes it easy to switch between the bright white, red, blue, and green colors, as well as select from the 8 different modes, including constant light and flashing.

You'll appreciate the lightweight and durable construction, which is waterproof for use in various outdoor activities.

The 100-lumen output provides ample illumination, while the rechargeable battery ensures you won't be left in the dark.

Backed by positive customer reviews and a limited warranty, the Brinyte A01 is a great value that delivers on versatility and performance.

Best For: The Brinyte A01 LED Rechargeable 100 Lumens Signal Light is best for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and those who need a versatile and reliable EDC flashlight.


  • 4-color-in-1 modes with 8 different lighting options
  • Compact and lightweight design with a rechargeable battery
  • Durable and waterproof construction for various outdoor activities


  • Limited brightness compared to some higher-end flashlights
  • May not be suitable for tasks requiring extremely bright illumination
  • Some users may prefer a more streamlined or minimalist design

WdtPro LED Mini Flashlights (6 Pack)

Why the WdtPro LED Mini Flashlights (6 Pack) are the perfect choice for those seeking a versatile, affordable, and reliable EDC flashlight solution. These compact, lightweight flashlights pack a punch with their 9 LED bulbs in assorted colors, offering brightness and durability in a convenient package.

The skid-proof grip and sturdy aluminum body make them ideal for outdoor adventures, while the one-button operation and included lanyard ensure easy, secure access. Customers rave about the flashlights' brightness and impressive build quality, with the 2-year replacement warranty providing added peace of mind.

Whether you need emergency lighting, a stocking stuffer, or a reliable companion for your everyday carry, the WdtPro LED Mini Flashlights are a budget-friendly, practical solution you can count on.

Best For: The WdtPro LED Mini Flashlights (6 Pack) are best for individuals seeking a versatile, affordable, and reliable EDC flashlight solution for everyday use, outdoor adventures, and emergency preparedness.


  • Bright 9 LED bulbs in assorted colors for versatility
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable construction with a skid-proof grip
  • Convenient one-button operation and included lanyard for easy access


  • Battery life is not specified, so runtime may vary
  • Some customers reported difficulty inserting batteries
  • Isolated incidents of missing parts or non-functional flashlights

lexall Rechargeable Work Light (2 Pack)

For DIY enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, the lexall Rechargeable Work Light (2 Pack) offers a versatile and convenient lighting solution under $100. This 2-in-1 work light packs a punch, delivering up to 600 lumens of bright, focused illumination from its COB work light.

The compact, lightweight design features a strong magnet base and pocket clip, allowing hands-free operation during repairs, camping, or emergencies. Enjoy the flexibility of three lighting modes, including a 200-lumen LED flashlight for navigation.

With a runtime of up to 5 hours and fast charging capabilities, you'll never be left in the dark. Reviewers praise the lexall's exceptional value, praising its durability, portability, and practical features that make it an indispensable everyday carry item.

Best For: DIY enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and anyone in need of a versatile, portable, and powerful work light for a variety of scenarios.


  • Bright, focused illumination up to 600 lumens
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable design with magnetic base and clip
  • Flexible 3-mode operation including a 200-lumen LED flashlight


  • Limited runtime compared to some higher-end work lights
  • Magnet may not be strong enough for some heavy-duty applications
  • No water resistance rating, may not be suitable for wet environments

Factors to Consider When Choosing an EDC Flashlight Under $100

When selecting an EDC flashlight under $100, you'll want to consider the brightness and power source, as well as the overall size and durability. Opt for a model with sufficient lumens for your needs, and decide whether a rechargeable or battery-powered design better suits your lifestyle.

Additionally, look for features like water resistance and multi-functionality to ensure the flashlight meets your everyday carry requirements.

Brightness and Lumens

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing an EDC flashlight under $100 is the brightness level, which is typically measured in lumens. The lumen output indicates the intensity of the light emitted by the flashlight, and it's crucial to find a suitable level for your needs.

Whether you're looking for an everyday carry flashlight or one for emergency situations, the lumen count can make a significant difference.

Generally, higher lumen outputs mean brighter lights, but it's essential to balance this with battery life to ensure the flashlight remains practical. Understanding how lumens affect the beam distance can also help you select the right EDC flashlight for your use case.

For instance, if you need a flashlight for close-range tasks, a lower lumen count may suffice, while higher lumens are better suited for longer-range illumination.

Many EDC flashlights under $100 offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the light output based on your specific requirements. This flexibility can be particularly useful in various scenarios, from navigating dark environments to signaling for help.

Rechargeable or Battery-powered

As you consider an EDC flashlight under $100, you'll need to decide whether a rechargeable or battery-powered model suits your needs best.

Rechargeable flashlights offer long-term cost savings by eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. They're also environmentally friendly, reducing the waste from disposable batteries. Many rechargeable flashlights come with built-in charging ports or cables, making recharging a breeze.

On the other hand, battery-powered flashlights provide the flexibility to easily swap out batteries when needed, making them ideal for extended periods without access to charging. This can be especially useful in emergencies or situations with limited power outlets. Additionally, battery-powered models are readily available and can be used instantly with fresh batteries.

Ultimately, the choice between a rechargeable or battery-powered EDC flashlight under $100 comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like your usage patterns, access to charging, and the importance of cost savings and environmental impact to make the best decision for your everyday carry.

Compact and Lightweight Design

In addition to determining whether a rechargeable or battery-powered model fits your needs, you'll also want to prioritize a compact and lightweight design when selecting an EDC flashlight under $100.

After all, a compact and lightweight flashlight is essential for everyday carry, as it won't weigh you down or take up unnecessary space in your pocket, bag, or on your gear. Look for models that are easy to grip and maneuver, allowing you to use the light with one hand comfortably. The size and weight should be convenient for everyday use without adding bulkiness.

Compact flashlights are often more versatile, as their portability makes them suitable for a wide range of situations where having a reliable light source is crucial.

Ultimately, choosing a compact and lightweight EDC flashlight under $100 ensures you have a reliable and accessible light source without sacrificing convenience or comfort during your daily activities.

Durability and Water Resistance

When selecting an EDC flashlight under $100, you'll want to prioritize durability and water resistance as critical factors. Look for flashlights crafted from robust materials like aluminum alloy or steel, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of everyday carry.

Additionally, check the IPX rating to gauge the flashlight's water resistance, opting for higher ratings for better protection against the elements. Flashlights with O-ring seals or gaskets are particularly well-suited for keeping water out of the internal components.

Rugged construction is also essential, as your EDC flashlight should be able to handle drops, impacts, and harsh outdoor conditions. Choose models with reinforced lenses or lens covers to shield against scratches and impacts, preserving the integrity of the light output.

Multi-functionality and Beam Settings

Beyond durability and water resistance, you'll want to consider the multi-functionality and beam settings when selecting an EDC flashlight under $100.

Versatile light modes, including different colors and brightness levels, can come in handy for various tasks, from illuminating your path to signaling in emergencies. Look for models that offer adjustable beam focus, allowing you to tailor the light output to your needs.

Many affordable EDC flashlights now feature strobe or SOS modes, which can be invaluable for attracting attention during unexpected situations. This versatility can make your flashlight an essential tool in your everyday carry kit.

Additionally, pay attention to the battery life and rechargeability of the flashlight to ensure it can keep up with your demands.

Battery Life and Runtime

Typically, battery life and runtime are crucial factors to weigh when selecting an EDC flashlight under $100, as you'll want a model that can reliably illuminate your surroundings for extended periods. Consider the battery type and capacity to ensure sufficient runtime for your needs, with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries being popular for longer use.

Look for flashlights with adjustable brightness levels to optimize battery usage and extend runtime as needed.

Paying attention to the charging options available, such as USB charging, can also help you easily recharge the flashlight and maintain its battery life for continuous use. Be sure to check for low-power modes or energy-saving features that can conserve battery life during extended use or emergencies.

Evaluating the expected runtime on different light settings will allow you to match your usage patterns and ensure the flashlight meets your requirements, providing the reliable performance you need in an everyday carry option.

Ease of Use and Controls

Selecting an EDC flashlight under $100 with intuitive controls and easy operation is crucial for reliable performance in various situations. Look for flashlights with simple interfaces and accessible buttons that allow for quick activation and mode selection, even in emergencies.

One-handed operation and user-friendly switches are features that enhance convenience and practicality, especially when you need to use the flashlight with gloves or in awkward positions.

Ergonomic designs and comfortable grips are also important considerations to prevent hand fatigue during extended use. Ensure that the functions, modes, and settings of the flashlight are clearly labeled and easy to understand, ensuring seamless operation.

This attention to ease of use can make all the difference when you need to rely on your EDC flashlight to provide illumination quickly and confidently, whether you're navigating a dark environment, performing a task, or responding to an unexpected situation.

Value and Price Point

When choosing an EDC flashlight under $100, you'll want to consider the overall value it offers in relation to its price point. Evaluate the features, performance, and quality to ensure you're getting a worthwhile investment that meets your needs.

Look for practical utility and durability that justify the cost. Compare the brightness, beam distance, and battery life of different options to gauge their true value. Consider the materials used in construction and any warranty or support provided, as these factors can impact the flashlight's long-term reliability and worth.

Additionally, research the brand or manufacturer's reputation for delivering quality products within this price range. This can give you confidence that you're making a sound investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do These EDC Flashlights Typically Last on a Single Charge?

The runtime of these EDC flashlights can vary, but you can typically expect them to last between 2-6 hours on a single charge, depending on the brightness setting you use and the flashlight's battery capacity.

Are Any of These Flashlights Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

You'll be glad to know that many EDC flashlights are waterproof or water-resistant, ensuring they'll function reliably even in wet conditions. Some models boast impressive waterproofing ratings, so you can use them in light rain or while submerged.

Can These EDC Flashlights Withstand Being Dropped or Impact?

You'll be glad to know that most EDC flashlights are designed to withstand drops and impacts. They often feature rugged construction, shock-resistant materials, and reinforced bodies to protect the internal components from damage if you accidentally drop them.

Do Any of These Flashlights Have Adjustable Brightness Settings?

Do any of these flashlights have adjustable brightness settings? Most quality EDC flashlights in this price range offer multiple brightness levels, allowing you to choose the right amount of light for your needs and conserve battery life.

What Kind of Warranty or Customer Support Is Available for These Products?

When purchasing an EDC flashlight, consider the warranty and customer support offered. Many brands provide excellent warranties and responsive customer service to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase and can get assistance if any issues arise.


With so many great options under $100, you'll find the perfect EDC flashlight for your needs.

From the bright and versatile APLOS L02 to the durable LETMY Tactical, these flashlights offer impressive performance and value.

Whether you prioritize lumens, features, or affordability, you're sure to find the right fit for your everyday carry.